Get Your Marriage Back on Track, Renew & Rebuild Relationships

Marriage Counselling & Everything That Affects Relationships

Marriage Counselling & Everything
That Affects Relationships

anxiety - stress - separation - divorce
depression - pornography addiction

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You want to stop struggling
in your marriage or relationships.
You want your partner to listen and understand your point of view.
You want to stop depression, anxiety or pornography from ruining your life.

Whether it’s your marriage, your relationships or your personal struggles,
we will help you get
unstuck, reconnect, rebuild and thrive

It's time for a change and getting
started is easier than you think

How Counselling Works
in 4 easy steps

Book An Appointment
Talk abouit what is happing
Learn new skills
Experience the power of change

change the trajectory of your life,
avoid the tragedy of divorce,
experience the power of real
& lasting joy in your life

are you ready to

conquer depression & bipolar disorder
overcome anxiety & panic attacks
live life free from pornography
transform your marriage
heal your relationships
change your life

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red button!

experience the
power of change in your relationships
experience the
power of a changed life

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Life 360 Counselling is located in Barrie, Ontario and is the practice of Larry G. Pardy CD RSW (BSc. HBSW MDiv) - Registered Clinical Social Worker, Marriage Counsellor, Psychotherapist. Member of the Focus on The Family's Christian Counsellors Referral Network and the Shalem Mental Health Network. Providing in person counselling and
eTherapy (online counselling).

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Member of Focus on The Family's
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Barrie Ontario. Providing in person
counselling & eTherapy (online counselling).

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