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life can be


Relationship issues, depression, stress, anxiety and pornography addiction can be barriers to a meaningful and satisfying life. They rob us of our joy and leave us feeling confused, powerless, and alone.

If your marriage is struggling and the security of your family is threatened, good quality marriage counselling can change the trajectory of your life. It can help you avoid the tragedy of divorce along with the heartbreak and financial grief that accompany it. It's a strategic investment in everything that matters most!

At Life 360 Counselling we understand how difficult relationships and life can be. Sometimes it can feel as though you are under attack from all sides. We are the support you need, not only to make it through your day or week, but the support you need to truly be happy and thrive.

      Life should, can and will be better!

From time to time we all need support in dealing with life's challenges and struggles. But sometimes just asking for help can feel as overwhelming as our problems.

Our goal - to create a compassionate, supportive yet challenging environment where you can achieve your full potential. To be a space where you feel cared for, safe and understood. To help you understand and manage your emotions and behaviours and to help you reconnect with the people who love you.

Our raison d'etre - to be there for you when life hurts, you feel lost, marriage is painful, parenting is difficult, work is stressful, when you face a loss or transition, when you are stressed or depressed and when God feels very, very far away. To be an instrument for change in your life, not only to just get you through a rough season, but to ensure you come out the other side a better, stronger and thriving person. Whatever you are facing today, we want to give you the hope, knowledge, tools and support that allow you to live the full and abundant life God intends for you.

Our vision - to be a cutting-edge, yet down-to-earth, Christian oriented counselling practice offering weekly counselling sessions, innovative workshops, support groups and seminars, to help individuals, couples, families, pastors and church leaders heal, grow and live a rewarding and meaningful life.

it's time to

it's time to

it's time to
create a new ending…

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Life 360 Counselling is the practice of Larry G. Pardy CD RSW - Registered Clinical Social Worker, Marriage Counsellor and Mental Health Therapist. Member of Focus on The Family Christian Counsellor Referral Network