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Building Marriages That Last a Lifetime

2023 will be a CERTIFIED


for your relationships!

If you feel like things just aren’t working the way they should. Maybe, you can’t talk without arguing or you just don’t talk any more. You feel like you can’t do anything right or you feel like you’re a single parent.

It's time to start to make lasting changes that allow you to trust your partner again & feel safe, understood and loved.

"We can finally talk to each other without arguing"

build a marriage that lasts a

“I feel like we are friends again!”

“I like this approach better. I understand it really is about our relationship.”

We were created to live in relationships and are naturally drawn together as couples. But somehow, we buy into the idea that a truly strong person doesn’t need anybody to survive and thrive. But life teaches us that being in loving and supportive relationships is necessary if we are going to be truly happy.

When marriage works like it should, we feel more connected, calm and safe. Ironically, when we are solidly connected to our partner, we are more confident and better able to face life's challenges and trials.

2023 is the year to change the course of your marriage!

increase intimacy & strengthen
love for each other

In 2023, LIFE 360 will embark on a new venture that will enable you to forever improve your relationships.

Based on thousands of hours of couples and relationship counselling, using fundamentals from Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and relationship coaching, you will be able to improve your relationship in ways you never dreamed possible.

Learn how to stop the endless cycles of being disconnected, constantly arguing, criticizing, disrespecting, being defensive and avoiding. You will be able to DECREASE conflict, improve intimacy and strengthen your love for each other.

“This entirely changed our relationship; fixing it before it became irreparable.”

“This was not just self-discovery; this guided us & redirected the course of our relationship.”

it's time to

increase intimacy
begin to
improve your relationship
rebuild and rekindle your love

Remember to come back
the BIG announcement is coming!

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