Marriage Counselling

Your life and your relationships should and can be better - let us help…

Marriage Counselling and the Things That Affect Relationships

divorce - depression - stress - anxiety - pornography addiction

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Are you struggling in your marriage or relationships? Feel like you can’t do anything right?

You want to get your partner to listen and understand your point of view.
You want to stop feeling like you’ve run out of steam and stop fighting.
You feel like it's time to stop depression, stress, anxiety or pornography from impacting your life.

Whether it’s your marriage, your relationships or your personal struggles,
we help you change your life, get unstuck, reconnect and rebuild your relationships…

it's time

for a change…

Good quality counselling can change the trajectory of your life. It can help you avoid the tragedy of divorce along with the heartbreak and financial grief that accompany it. It can help you make changes that bring real joy in your life.

Sometimes it can feel like you're stuck
and are under attack from all sides.

We are the support you need to
make it through your day, your week and the support you need to get back on track, to truly be happy and thrive.

How It Works:

how counselling works

Life should, can and will be better - it's time!

Let us help you avoid the pain of divorce; deal with depression, anxiety and stress, and find freedom from pornography…

We are here for you when:

  •         marriage is painful,
  •         parenting is difficult,
  •         you feel anxious, stressed or depressed,
  •         life hurts,
  •         you feel lost, and
  •         work is stressful.

Whatever you are facing today, at Life 360 you can find the support, tools, knowledge and skills that will allow you to live the full and abundant life God intends for you.

Let us help you avoid the pain of divorce; deal with depression, anxiety and stress; and find freedom from pornography…

Imagine what it would be like to get through this rough season and come out the other side a better, stronger and thriving person.

it's time

to feel better

it's time

to be stronger

it's time

to thrive

Headshot of Larry G. Pardy Registered social worker and psychotherapist

Life 360 Counselling is is located in Barrie Ontario and is the practice of Larry G. Pardy CD RSW - Registered Clinical Social Worker, Marriage Counsellor and Psychotherapist. Member of Focus on The Family Christian Counsellor Referral Network.