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The help you need to heal your relationships...

Freedom From Pornography
transition from wounded to healed relationships…

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You're not alone…

Your secret may be keeping you isolated, feeling helpless and chained to this addiction.

You have been struggling alone. Maybe for a long time, even years. Likely, no one around you knows your secret. You've been afraid to tell anyone.

In your gut you feel you will deeply disappoint the ones you love, you'll be ridiculed, shamed or even abandoned. You tell yourself, you could lose your spouse, your family, maybe even your job, but certainly the respect of anyone who finds out.

You are NOT your addiction and you are NOT alone. Life 360 counselling is here for you and we will help you get on track and find freedom.

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Rebuild your relationships and your life…

It's time to be free from the destructive thinking that keeps you stuck. It's time to move from the invisible inner prison of pornography addiction to a new freedom in the present.

Join others who have not only won the battle but won the war!

Let us help you build your support team as you start down your road to recovery and freedom.

It's time to recover, restore, renew and heal.

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Victory is within your grasp…

“No matter how long you have struggled or how stuck you may feel, you are not your addiction.”

It may feel like a long season of defeat in your life and you know you just need a win!

Victory over pornography is not a single event, it is a hard fought battle that requires a good support system, a solid plan, the right tools and a great therapist. We are here to help!

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Put an end to feeling hopeless…

The first step is admitting you have a problem that you can't fix all on your own and reaching out for help.

"Life 360 counselling helped me transition from wounded relationships to healed relationships."

It's time for a change

the right plan…
the right tools…
the right therapist…

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