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Relationship Issues

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Relationships can be complicated and knowing what to do about it can be challenging.

Whether it's your partner, your sister who won't talk to you, your mother-in-law who seems a bit passive aggressive, a tough boss or argumentative co-worker, we can help.

Together we can explore new ways of approaching things, discover new insights and develop new tools all of which will bring positive change to your relationships.

Divorce and Separation

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Divorce and separation are two of the most difficult experiences we face in our lives. Not everyone can understand the profound and sweeping losses you experience when you first learn that your partner wants to end your relationship.

Your fundamental sense of justice, your sense of control over your life, your self-respect and the very concept of who you are become lost in the hurt and pain you are experiencing.

You're left to deal with a spouse who is, at best, less than cooperative and, at worst, hostile and manipulative.

We help you find a sense of peace and calm and rebuild your life as you navigate these difficult waters.

Depression - Anxiety - Stress

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Struggling with everyday challenges and being gripped by feeling depressed or overwhelmed with negative thoughts is toxic to your wellbeing. It affects all areas of your life impacting your relationships, studies and work.

We help you deal with depressive behaviours and thoughts, reduce stress and anxiety, overcome negative thinking and build greater resilience.

Let us help you feel more positive, more motivated and less stressed!

Freedom From
Pornography Addiction

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Getting control of pornography is not easily done on your own.

Ending the grip pornography has on your life is not a single event, it is a hard fought battle that requires a good support system, a solid plan, the right tools and a great therapist.

Start today to build your support team and begin to travel down your road to recovery and freedom.

Join others who have not only won the battle but won the war!

Christian Counselling

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It's important to have a counsellor that understands and honours your beliefs.

As a retired military Chaplain & ordained minister, it's only natural that I approach counselling from a Christian worldview and with an in-depth knowledge of Scripture and theology.

It's OK if you and your partner are not same place in your spiritual journey. I am adept at working with couples and individuals regardless of their faith, beliefs or questions.