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Premarital Counselling

Getting married is a big event in your life! Too often, planning the wedding becomes the main focus of your growing relationship. Sometimes we forget that the wedding only lasts one day, but marriage is meant to last a lifetime.

We all want a marriage that will last through life's difficulties and struggles. A solid marriage starts with a strong foundation.

Premarital counselling examines the issues that are key for your marriage to grow strong.

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Premarital counselling will help you to really understand the DNA of your relationship and your partner. You will learn to avoid the pitfalls that weaken and undermine a marriage early on. One partner in couples counselling commented,

"I wish we had talked to you 23 years ago,
we wouldn't be here now."

Premarital counselling is individually focused to adjust to and meet the needs of each couple.

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It's designed for couples planning their wedding within the next 12 to 18 months. It is accomplished with both partners in session.

Sessions should be booked with no more than 1 session per week which to allows time for homework, discussion and reflection. We also recommend that sessions are booked with a gap of no larger than 2 weeks in between sessions - a minimum of two sessions per month to ensure focus and consistency. Skype, FaceTime and Duo are available for some sessions.