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18 Rock Solid Anxiety Busters

Working with clients who have anxiety for over 2 decades and my own experience with anxiety has led me to write down these 18 proven and rock solid anxiety busters.

The bad news. - Anxiety is a normal protective system in your body that warns you when you are in danger and prepares your body to respond [fight - flight - freeze]. This means that dealing with your anxiety can never mean eliminating it, but rather managing it. Anxiety becomes a problem when the system switches on when there is no real danger. Another problem is, this protective system can’t tell the difference between an angry bear [real danger] and thoughts about an angry boss [real but not dangerous]. So it switches on at times when we don’t need it like when we imagine all sorts of problems that could happen but are not likely to happen. We can think and talk ourselves into feelings of anxiety and panic.

The good news. - You can learn to reduce, manage and control your anxiety. We can think and talk ourselves into feeling more calm. The information below will help. Try not to implement all of them today. Rather, decide what you think you can do and start with one thing. Once you feel you have a handle on the one you picked, add another one and so on. Trying to do too many at once will leaving you feeling overwhelmed and defeated. A good therapist and/or a good family doctor can help get you started on the right track.

Here is the list and here is a link to the handout that explains the list and explains why and how to use the buster. The free 12 page handout also has several links to more helpful and detailed resources.

1. Start with deep-breathing.
2. Meditate your anxiety away.
3. Do something just for you.
4. Eliminate caffeine, reduce sugar & processed foods.
5. Work on your budget, improve spending & reduce debt.
6. Declutter your house (room) & declutter your mind.
7. Spend some time outdoors in a green space.
8. Get a good night’s sleep.
9. Get off or limit social media.
10. Stop or reduce watching the news.
11. Understand that feelings are not facts.
12. Challenge your negative thoughts.
13. Talk about your anxiety, thoughts & feelings.
14. Practice gratitude.
15. Talk to your doctor.
16. Exercise, exercise, exercise!
17. Learn to lean into your anxiety.
18. Get the app.

Remember, anxiety cannot be completely eliminated. It’s a natural defence and safety mechanism. When it get’s out of control, we need to reset and do things differently. Oddly enough, people with extreme anxiety report that even with medication, their anxiety doesn’t go away. Instead, it’s like the anxiety that plagued them in the past is still there, but they are able to better ignore it. With therapy, however, they develop the tools and skills to manage and reduce anxiety.

Once again, here is a link to the handout that explains the list and explains why and how to use the buster. I cannot over emphasize how good and useful this handout is. If you or a loved has anxiety theses simple tools will help immensely.

Larry G. Pardy CD RSW BSc. HBSW MDiv.
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