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Addicted to Pornography?

Pornography addiction affects more people than you might guess.
Think you or someone you know might have an issue with pornography?


Pornography addiction is a REAL thing! And, it affects more people than you think. The stats for males are much higher than females, but with easy access to pornography (computers and phones) both sets of addiction numbers are climbing. Every week someone in my practice tells me they think they have an issue with pornography. It crosses all demographics - Christian & non-Christian, religious & non-religious, male and female, old & young, etc. It insidiously undermines relationships and marriages ruining them from the inside out. 

Often, couples will come to counselling with marital issues only to discover that pornography is at the root of it. Most people I see have been addicted for years and often their spouse or partner has no idea. Stats indicate that most begin their journey with pornography between age 6 and 12, although, some do start later in life. As it develops, the pornography becomes darker and use becomes more frequent (several times per day). Acting out sexually often accompanies this issue.

So whats the deal with addiction you ask?
Scientists explain that a dopamine-oxytocin combo is released in the brain during orgasm. Behavioural therapist Andrea Kuszewski calls it a “biochemical love potion”. It’s the reason after having sex with someone, you’re more inclined to form an emotional attachment. But you don’t have to actually have sex in order have that dopamine-oxytocin brain cocktail. When you watch pornography, “you’re bonding with it,” Kuszewski says. “And those chemicals make you want to keep coming back to have that feeling.” Which allows people not only to orgasm using porn, but to develop a neurological attachment to it. You can, in essence, date porn, form an attachment with it and rewire your brain so that dating real live people and real live sex doesn't satisfy.

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Larry G. Pardy CD RSW BSc. HBSW MDiv.
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