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Progress not Perfection

Change is possible but seek progress not perfection! Perfection is a myth, a lie, an undoing of our best efforts.

Almost everybody wants change of some sort. We often want to change something about ourselves that we don’t like. Sometimes it’s a physical thing like our nose or our height, but without surgery or something drastic those types of things are not going to change any time soon. Sometimes we want to change physical things that we can change like our weight or level of fitness. Maybe we have type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol or something else that will respond to change in our eating or lifestyle. Maybe we have a bad habit we want to change or a good habit we want to develop. The good news is change IS possible!

The problem is we often focus on perfection or the ideal. Why is that a problem you ask? Well, the problem is perfection is an abstract anomaly caught in the space-time continuum in that does not really exist in our time and space. It’s an imagined idea that exists in our minds or photoshoped on some magazine cover. Because perfection doesn’t really exist, when we decide embrace perfection we have to embrace its evil twin – failure. If we cannot achieve the perfection we imagine we set ourselves up for imminent failure.

What’s the answer then? In a word – progress. If we aspire to see change [progress] we can achieve it. Progress is measured in inches while perfection is measured in light years. If we hold the ideal [perfection] as our goal, we can quickly become discouraged even if we are progressing. The truth is any movement forward is movement forward and it is worth celebrating. Count the steps you have taken not the distance you have to go and celebrate your progress.

Larry G. Pardy CD RSW BSc. HBSW MDiv.
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